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Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?
They are small text files sent from a site to the visitor of the same and then post to the site to be read by the server, and allow you to collect some information about the user's use of a given site (how many pages and what pages they visited, how much Time has remained on the site, which channel has arrived on the site, etc.). This information is stored on your computer's hard disk or any device used by the user to access the Internet.

Cookies allow the use or operation of the site or some of its features, allowing you to: store preferences (language, font size, color, etc.), avoid re-entering the same information several times during the visit (example Login data) or manage the shopping cart of an e-commerce, analyze the use that the user makes of the services and content provided by the site, display content such as videos, maps, etc., allow sharing of site content on social Network, serve customized publicity ads to users to make an ad campaign more effective.

Cookies can be of a different kind

COOKIE TECHNICAL. This type of cookie allows some sections of the Site to function properly. They are divided into 2 categories according to their duration:

- Temporary (Or session) have no expiration date and are removed at the end of the session or when the browser is closed.
- Persistent ones have a default expiration date and then remain on the user's computer even after the session ends or the Browser is closed so that it can be read from the site that visited on the next visit.

These cookies are required to display the site correctly and will always be used and sent, unless the user modifies his browser settings (with the risk of blocking some site features).

ANALYTICAL. Cookies in this category are used to collect aggregate and anonymous information about the user's use of the site to improve its use and content. Such cookies are considered technical if they are installed by the same site manager and not by a third party.

If analytic cookies are installed on a user's terminal from a site other than what the user is visiting then you are talking about COOKIE OF THIRD PARTS, an example is GOOGLE ANALITYCS.

With COOKIE OF THIRD PARTS, as well as analytic cookies are also intended to serve software such as social sharing buttons on a site or other software such as video or map deployment.

PROFESSIONAL COOKIE. These are the cookies needed to create user profiles in order to send advertising messages in line with the user's preferences within the site pages.