Rocca Vini

Torri d'Oro

"Torri d’Oro" is a small selection of the Rocca Family introduced in 2014.
Presented as "The Family's Choice", this line becomes a concrete emblem of the attitude and philosophy of the Company reinforced over time: a full dedication toward the production of excellent wines.
In the name “Torri d’Oro” we gathered two concepts: Torri that in Italian is a synonymous of Rocca (the Family name) and means tower, thus the idea of something strong, still and safe, and "d'Oro", it is to say made of gold, thus a valuable and prestigious material.

To connect these three wines is their roundedness, powerful flavours and their wide nose rich of aromas.
They are instead made unique by their own peculiarities: the richness of perfumes and the gentle tannins of the Cabernet Merlot; the elegant structure and soft sweetness of the Primitivo di Manduria and the darkness of colour and final pleasant bitter note of the Negroamaro; the intense structure and soft tannins of the Nero di Troia.

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